Mile Post 370

Mile Post 370
Mile Post 370

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good-Bye Carly! Thank you for your stand for Conservatism. (Please come back soon.)

I'm a conservative.  In this world of Conservative wannabes and their claim to bear that mantle, it's important to define Conservatism.  In order to do this, I see conservatism defined in the 5 following pillars:
  1. Defense/2ndAmendment Conservatives, that champion the need to keep a strong defense and the right to defend ourselves with deadly force if and when necessary, both individually and as a country
  2. Small Government Conservatives that want to limit the size and scope of our Federal  Government
  3. Fiscal Conservatives that want America, as a nation, to live within its budget. Because we pay taxes from our hard earned income, we DEMAND that what was our money be used responsibly by our supposed representatives in Washington, not wasted to buy votes to keep themselves in office,  where they will need more of our money to take care of the actual functions of Governing our nation. 
  4. Religious Conservatives that want to defend the right of Freedom of Religion and Worship (not Freedom from Religion) and
  5. Moral Conservatives who have risked life and home to champion the causes of Right to Life, Abolition of Slavery, and Equality for ALL, Under the Law (with no consideration of race, creed, national background, sex, age, and ethnicity)
For the sake of brevity, I'll just separate these 5 groups into 3 overarching groups, 2 of which have 2 groups each of similar goals.  These are the So-Cons (Religious and Moral Conservatives), the Fis-Cons (Small Government and Fiscal Conservatives) and the Defense/2nd Amendment Cons.

I’ll miss Carly because of her Fiscal/Small Government Conservatism. She actually had a position on the Debt and a reason for small government.  Her 1-2-3 punches were unmatched by ANY OTHER CANDIDATE for the office of President in this electorial cycle.

These positions were (and still are):  
  1. Shrinking Government through Attrition (by not replacing Retiring Employees)
  2. Zero-Base Budgeting (which will rid the Bureaucracy of useless programs and incompent management)
  3. A Flat-Tax, “where everyone’s ox gets gored (and where the IRS can no longer be weaponized against any political group).”
Similarly, Carly was a Defense Conservative, in her calling out both ISIS and Russia as enemies.  

As far as the Social/Moral Conservatism goes, Carly was also there.  
  1. Her championing of ending the Live Birth Abortions, where the baby's umbilical cord is clamped off, suffocating the infant, because its lungs are not developed and then "harvesting" the fresh organs to be sold to researchers was sublime.   In calling for the end of Abortion on demand after 20 weeks of pregnancy proved her moral standing, without calling for the end of Abortion in all circumstances.  (For those that believe that wasn't only calling for this much outlawing of Abortion was not enough, please remember that it takes small, incremental steps to change the culture.  There's not been a President since Ronald Reagan that has embraced the Social/Moral Conservatives and called for an end to the liberal Sacrament of Abortion on Demand, even to the point of being born alive).
  2. Stopping illegal immigration is a Morally Conservative Issue.  In Judaism, there was the year of Jubilee, when ALL DEBTS were forgiven.  Although there was a biblical principle of debt, debtors selling themselves and even their families into indentured servitude (slavery because of debt), they believed in freedom.  Later, Christians, believed in the same biblical principle, when they understood that GOD sent JESUS into the world to pay our sin debt and set those doomed souls already in slavery and justly sentenced to an eternity in Hell, free through his atoning sacrifice.  Upon HIS death, one of HIS last statements was "It Is Finished!"  Christians are taught that "It is Finished" is translated from the Greek into English, with the meaning that a monetary debt has been satisfied. In the case of Christ's death, it  meant that our indentured servitude to sin was paid in full.  We were free men, bought at a tremendous cost. Similarly, radical abolitionist  thinkers (who were Republican) were convicted by conscience that slavery was a type of dhimmitude, making slaves less than human and more like property.  John Brown and men of like convictions,  hijacked the Federal Armory in Harpers Ferry, Maryland, in an act of Treason that cost them their lives, in an effort to engage the public against the evil of slavery.  When we look the other way and allow people to come into America illegally, we grant them something less than citizenship.  They are not slaves, brought to a foreign country by someone who bought them from a rival tribe, to sell them as property and into the bondage of another man.  However, as they are here illegally,  when the law isn't enforced they have no rights.  Please understand that I am not calling on any politician to grant citizenship to those who are here illegally.  However, when we allow a "sub-class" of non-citizens, without the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, we are behaving in an immoral fashion, robbing them of dignity, by denying their rights.  By demanding that the border is secured against an onslaught of illegals, Carly demonstrated Moral Conservatism.
  3. While we were on the subject of Slavery, indentured servitude and dhimmitude, the practice of purchasing something at the cost of your life service to another is considered abhorrent and has been outlawed in America for 150 years. Yet, here we are spending ourselves into oblivion, with no hope of repaying what we owe within our Lifetime, nor our children's lifetime, nor our grand-children's lifetime, nor even our great-grand-children's lifetime. We are indentured servants, having sold our freedom (and that of our children, grandchildren, and great-grand children). In doing so, we either are one of two things; a thief with no moral conscience or an immoral slave trader. Either way, we as a nation have overspent with malice of forethought. The only way to correct this is to live within our means, spend less than we take in, and pay down our debt with the surplus. This used to be called stewardship. While it is the basis of FISCAL CONSERVATISM, it is Morally Conservative to call out debt and deficits making us, our children, grand-children and great-grand-children into indentured servants.  We must practice this pillar principle of Conservatism as well as preach it. Only Carly had a reasonable plan to shrink government, deficits and debt.

I wish Carly could have gotten the endorsements of Scott Walker and Rick Perry when they dropped out of the race. That might have been enough to keep her going, but alas a shrewd young Texan pounced on those opportunities.

We know that Trump won’t choose her as VEEP (“Look at that face!” – I’m betting he'll call on another RINO, Michael Bloomberg (the most dangerous politician in America), as his partner, whether he runs as a Republi-crat (someone whose positions do not differ from that of the Democrats), a Democrat (in reality, a Socialist, as Bernie Sanders correctly calls himself) or an Independent (what Trump swore to the American people that he would not run as).  

However, maybe Ted Cruz, that shrewd Texan, will see the wisdom of Carly Fiorina as the credible running mate, that attracts Fiscal/Small Government Conservatives and Libertarians, Social and Moral Conservatives and Defense/2nd Amendment Conservatives.

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