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Saturday, January 16, 2016

How to Prove that Conservative Republicans are Not Serious

Fritz Pettyjohn is a great blogger, and the author of The Reagan Project.  He currently supports Ted Cruz for the Republican primary nomination for POTUS.  While Ted is an ideological fit (and a top 3 choice), he isn't my first choice for nominee.  

My top choice was Carly Fiorina (due to her business experience and her stand on the issues-shrinking the Federal Government by retirement attrition, zero-based budgeting and flat tax-where "everybody's ox gets gored"), followed closely by former candidate Governor Scott Walker (due to his breaking the government workers union and balancing the budget by cutting such frivolities as high speed rail and the 2 Special Talgo trains that went with it.

Cruz, however, is special to me.  He's a bombastic brick thrower, much like Newt Gingrich.  His "antics" of calling (Republican) Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell "a liar" on the senate floor is epic and akin to some of the antebellum antics that occurred between Representatives and Senators from states of disparate cultures.  And his recreation of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, in a losing effort to stop the implementation of Obamacare is heady stuff from this young Texan.

In the January 15th issue of The Reagan Project,, following the 5th Republican debate in North Charleston, SC, Pettyjohn discussed how Cruz played it cool with Donald Trump and how he should approach the Iowa Corn/Ethanol full employment for farmers lobby.

Then Pettyjohn suggested that Cruz pick Marco Rubio for Veep (assuming that Cruz gets the nomination).  

I think that would be a HUGE mistake.  While having Rubio as a VEEP for Cruz looks to be expedient, I believe that it's only a short term winner that kills the Conservative Movement.   With Rubio having joined up with the "Gang of 8" Senators that were  hell-bent to confer legal status to illegal aliens, Rubio can NEVER  pass himself off as a conservative.  

Remember that it was Establishment/Country Club Republi-crat Bush 1 whose team coined and who used the derisionary term "Trickle Down Economics" unsuccessfully against Reagan in 1980.  As a career politician, George Herbert Walker Bush was to be "the chosen one" by the Republican establishment.  And, much like Reagan with Bush 1, if Rubio is Cruz's VEEP, he will be the sold as the third term of Cruz, moderate the message and compromise (The Bush 1 sell out on "Read my lips - No new taxes!"), pissing off the despised groups of the Republican Coalition (Social Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives and Defense/2nd Amendment Conservatives to the advantage of the Establishment/Country Club Republicans that want to establish "the new world order").  Once that happens, we wander in the wilderness for another 28 or more years, waiting for conditions to arise when the Country Club Repubs decide it's better for them to compromise  their values rather than to the country to go down in flames (e.g. the end of the Carter Administration).  

In order to be trusted, the Conservative message must be conservative, continuous and consistent. Choosing a Country Club/Establishment Republi-crat, like Marco Rubio, as the VEEP nominee doesn't send that message.

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