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Friday, February 12, 2016

Conspiracy Theory Report: Are We Being Set Up?

The World Economic Forum has been going on in Davos, Switzerland.  But invariably the talk of the Economy (and those that want to control it - and  manipulate the situation, where they can profit off of it) turns to talk of the culture as discussions about how to implement "Free" Trade (which always costs some party something) will be implemented.  The talk usually turns to how to manipulate the peasants, so that world leaders can complete their dealings.  Apparently, Bibi Netanyahu was the only sane person at the conference.

For years there have been rumors of manipulation with names of the New World Order and the Tri-Lateral Commission being thrown around as "kooks" seemingly have gone into Full Conspiracy Mode in reporting about these meetings.  People like Alex Jones, with his infowars web site have been dismissed as raging lunatics, who probably should be locked up, to keep the public safe.

This morning, The Economic Collapse Blog, had the following post; Americans Really, Really Hate The Government.  The synopsis is that Americans have had quite enough of a government that they elected to represent them, when it constantly rules against them and their wishes. But it also notes, that the culture has been so divided that we have nothing in common any more.  If you're conservative, whether Fis-Cons (fiscal and small government conservatives), the So-Cons (moral and religious conservatives) and the Def-Cons (defense and 2nd amendment conservatives),there is a good chance that you've felt this way.  You've been labeled as a potential terrorist, in the effort to throttle your freedoms of speech and expression on any of the verboten subjects that were covered in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution, that our Feckless Leader decides thwarts his agenda for America. 

These conditions have the political pot boiling to an extent where the chances of an explosion are getting higher, almost by the minute.  Outsider candidates have run roughshod over the establishment Republican Party, who've been rightfully portrayed as weak and unwilling to stop a rogue administration.

Sir Isaac Newton's third law of Physics states "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."  And the reaction of Conservative Republicans, who feel that they've been ignored by an Establishment/Country Club Republican Party that treats them as the enemy and sidles up to Democrats promoting an agenda they were elected to stop at all costs, has been to flock to "outsider candidates."  The combined (polled) support of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have obliterated ALL candidates by a 2-1 margin.  That's 67% of the polled response for either Cruz or Trump as compared to ALL of the other candidates combined.

Conservative pundit, Pat Buchannan, has an interesting take on what's going on in American Politics that so worries the leaders of the new world order:  

The Bias against the great unwashed, uneducated, unsophisticated masses has always been there.  Conservatives were and still are considered to be raving loons by the Country Club/Establishment Republicans.  As an anecdote, I remember the negative terminology and stereotypes that the media apparatchik gave to the Fis-Cons (fiscal and small government conservatives), the So-Cons (moral and religious conservatives) and the Def-Cons (defense and 2nd amendment conservatives) during the extended battle between the Establishment and Ronald Reagan from late 1975 to 1980.  Reagan was "a doddering old man with one foot in the grave and one finger on 'the button,'" and those of the Country Club Republican ilk would say "Eew!  You mean you'd vote for him!"  The media freely made fun of conservative's values, with bumper stickers proclaiming that "the moral majority is neither.  "Jimmuh "the Pious" Carter, despite causing Americans Economic hardship (economic policies that contributed to 20% mortgage interest rates, doubling the "gas tax" just after the Arab Oil Embargo had been lifted and doubling fuel prices that had just stabilized after behind doubled, and who can forget the inept leadership of the "Malaise Speech"), making America weak militarily (cancelling the B-1 bomber, acting in a completely inept fashion against the Mullahs in Iran that held the employees of our embassy as  hostages) was made to look like "the reasonable candidate."  

We know Conservatives' reasons for going with Cruz.  But, what about Donald Trump?  

This wave of response is not lost on the Democrat activists that have taken over that party.  They've hugely supported Bernie sanders, an avowed Socialist, in droves.  Hillary Clinton's inevitable  campaign is beginning to look like another also ran blip in the annals of history.

So we know

But this Administration has: 
  • armed itself to the teeth, 
  • ruled against the laws of the land, 
  • sued the police into not enforcing laws against "chosen minorities," 
  • made fun of our cultural beliefs (religion and gun ownership),
  •  tried to seize land and water by denying property rights, 
  • denied the fruits of hard work by claiming that "there comes a time when you've made enough money" and saying "you didn't build that [by yourself]," 
  • has outlawed the use of our natural resources (coal, and lead), 
  • has allied with race hustlers in an effort to foment civil unrest and riots, and 
  • has weaponized its tax collection agency against those it would deem as its political enemies.

Are we being set up?  From The Economic Collapse Blog post, the author describes a situation where it looks like the current power brokers appear to WANT to rule against the public will.  

Is the purpose of this administration to goad its citizens into armed revolution, in order to declare martial law and suspend all freedoms and rights?  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I could see this happening.  At some point, one has to wonder can an elected leader really be this inept and feckless or whether this is a power play designed to implement martial law.

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