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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Predicting President Obama's Supreme Court Appointment, To Replace Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia was the greatest Supreme Court Justice, appointed by Ronald Reagan, the Greatest President, of this late Baby-Boomer's life time.  Scalia's Literalist interpretation of the Constitution was both correct and sublime.  It took a President, with a vision to restore America to greatness, who had a moral character, inspired by belief in a Holy GOD, that was Ronald Reagan to seek out and appoint, a Jurist and Constitutional Literalist that was Judge Antonin Scalia.
So, can we extrapolate what Obama will do?  Unlike monetary futures, Past Results are quite often (direct) Predictors of Future Actions.  And while the reader might not ascribe to Christian principles, the Bible is a wonderful book of Wisdom.  Jesus said "You will recognize them by their fruits."  Let's look at some of the Major Influences of President Obama's personality, character, history and policies to see if we can determine the direction he would likely go and what the Fruit of his selection would look like:
  • We currently have "the Prince of Fools," that sold impossible promises during his candidacy, to Foolish Citizens, without discretion, as our President.
  • He's a  Chicagoland thug (and to clarify, I'm using "thug" as its definition as a ruffian or a violent criminal, not unlike the legendary mobsters from his home, that would bring a gun to a knife fight), that tries to run roughshod over Citizens, his Political Enemies, the Congress and to Bully the Supreme Court, 
  • He was mentored by Weather Underground Revolutionaries William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn
  • He was elected by the great throng as the leader of the Hope and Change Cult of Personality, 
  • Obama the opportunist, has stated that he "will fulfill his duty" and make an appointment.  After all, why should he not follow Rahm Emmanuel's advice of not letting a  crisis go to waste.  
  • Noted Communist Party USA member, Frank Marshall Davis is Barack Obama's spiritual (if not his biological) father.  
  • He's anti-Business
  • He's Anti-Industrial
  • He's Pro-Socialized Medicine
  • His mother married both Barack Obama Senior, an anti-colonial graduate student from Ethiopia and Lelo Soetero, an Indonesian Muslim that adopted his step son as Barry Soetero and had him attend a Muslim school.  
  • In college, at Occidental, he wore the ring of another male student, with an Islamic verse inscribed on it. 
  • He attended the church pastored by Jeremiah Wright, the noted Black Liberation Theology preacher. 
  • He married Michelle Robinson, also a community and union organizer activist.
So, I don't expect Strict Constructionist as a the nominee to the position of Supreme Court Judge. Instead, I expect another Activist Judge and Social Justice Warrior, such as Our self-proclaimed "Wise Latina Woman" Justice.  I would expect that the litmus tests for Obama's Supreme Court nominee would be the following:
  • A Progressive-Socialist Agenda to include Pro-Union, Higher Minumum Wages, and Closed Shop Work Rules
  • An Anti-Military, (and specifically Anti-Hegemonic) stance on Foreign Policy
  • An Anti-2nd Amendment Policy
  • A Continuation of Unsustainable Open Borders, 
  • A Continuation of Unsustainable Big Government Social Programs
  • Non-Enforcement of Drug Laws (especially for marijuana)
  • A Pro-Nationalized Healthcare Policy
  • A Pro-Muslim Religious and Social Policy
  • A Pro-Homosexual Policy
  • A Continued Affirmative Action Policy to include Justice Department Civil Rights Suits against Law Enforcement Agencies
  • A Continued Pro-Abortion on Demand (they will call it Women's & Reproductive Health) Policy
  • A Pro-Green Energy/Anti-Hydrocarbon, Anti Industrial, Anti-Internal Combustion Policy
  • An Unsustainable Budget Deficit/Inflationary Monetary Supply Policy and resultant Higher Taxes on both individuals and businesses
All of the above issues chip away at the foundations of our Representative Republic, destroying the positive characteristics of our culture.

Because of Justice Scalia's death, the upcoming Presidential Elections are now even more significant than before, and will require great wisdom for all citizens that will vote for the President, their Congressional Representatives and the Members of the Senate that are up for election, this coming November.  

IF the current majority Republican Senate, led by Senator Mitch McConnell, allows Obama to "cow," blackmail or manipulate him and Republican Senators into allowing another very liberal judge onto the Supreme Court, he and they would be derelict in the duty for which they were elected

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