Mile Post 370

Mile Post 370
Mile Post 370

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Subjects I Blog About: How and Why I Choose Them

This page has been written well after my original "Welcome" post.  I should have written it earlier, but the way my brain organizes things, it didn't happen until now.

I'm a multi-faceted individual with many interests.  I'm of Scots-Irish stock on both sides and line most Ulster-Scots/Scots-Irish "border-landers" we're damn good at taming the wilderness, but not so good about living in it after it's been tamed.

I live in a small town that's turned into a bedroom community of a rapidly growing, decent sized city.  It was small when I moved here 26 years ago and being across the county line, insurance rates were lower, housing prices were lower and it was between where my parents and my bride's parents lived.  We are both eldest children and family is important to both of us, so living near by, where we can help our parents is a no-brainer.

I write about what interests me.
  • After slogging through 1100 pages of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, I've learned many of the lessons she taught.  So I rail against untrue accusations that impugn the innocent and I challenge the moral standing of those that accuse us falsely.  There is nothing wrong with making a profit on goods or service
  • As a "Mechanical Night-Mare," I'm interested in Cars, Trains, Locomotives, Planes, Industrial Equipment, Construction Equipment, etc..  
  • I love steam locomotives and have photographed them for years, although I was born after the demise of US Mainline Steam Locomotives in everyday use.  I'm also into trains of all types
  • As someone in their mid-50s, I'm a father, a son, a brother, and a husband.  
  • As a Christian ,  I am serious about following my LORD, Jesus, the Christ.  As a walking-wounded, former member of a Church, I'm passionate about how those who claim to be members treat others in the church.
  • As a supply chain professional who was retired from business, I might even write about business plans, mergers or do a strategic analysis about a supply chain.
  • I'm passionate about our country and culture so I write about how it's being pried from our very hands.
  • As a Political Conservative, and as someone who espouses conservative principals, I write about how politics affects our culture 
  • I'm into design.  Some of the areas interest are automobile design, airplane design, and architecture.
  • Because I'm into Architecture, Tiny Houses and the way that their designers and owners use every square inch of space fascinate me

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