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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Outsiders, the TEA Party and the anti-Establishment Movenent: Political Correctness versus the Truth Spoken with Boldness

This Political Season is a water-shed moment in history:  Political Correctness is being "undone" even as we speak.

Here is the true meaning of Donald Trump's meteoric rise in popularity.....

To the bold goes the victory and spoils of war!  More than that, Trump is the anti-Political Correctness cure.  He IS the Supreme Red Neck, because he's not willing to play by other's arbitrary rules.  He doesn't not give a shit about the people who believe they are powerful and are trying to manipulate and control the elections (the ones who think they have power but make so much less than him).  His EGO is EXACTLY what is needed to destroy political correctness.  Being the Marketing Genius that he is, he has played the Media Apparatchik wing of the (Socialist) Democrat Party, in the same way as a master plays a Stradivarius Violin.  He has made them the Marionette and is still pulling their strings, calling the tune and making them dance to it, rather than letting them manipulate him.

So the media is in a tizzy, having lost the power to influence the public's opinion and crown the next leader as President.  The Establishment Republican Party is there in lock step, having lost its grip on which candidate it will choose to those pesky Social Conservatives who believe in GOD and rely on their Guns, rather than trust in the New World Order.  With the Social Conservatives having become the enemy of both (Socialist) Democrats and Country Club/Establishment Republicans, the great unwashed middle class has run toward the TEA Party, anti-Establishment Outsiders and those who would stick their fingers in the Eye of the current overlord want-to-bes that are currently in power.

Carly Fiorina is much more subtle, much like Billy Joel describes in his song Stiletto, with the words "she's so good with her stiletto {that} you don't feel even the pain," as in this clip:

and this supporting story:

Ted Cruz, however, as an insider and a sitting Senator for the state of Texas, has to be more "In Your Face."  A great debater who can easily speak "off of the cuff," Cruz gave the finger to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, calling him a "LIAR!" on the Senate Floor and read directly into the record  This behavior was reminiscent of Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina crying out "You Lie!"to Barack Obama during one of his State of the Union Speeches

These antics are the stuff that comes directly out of the history books, much like antibelum Senator John Calhoun of South Carolina on the floor of the US Senate or even Aaron Burr, challenging Alexander Hamilton to a Duel with Pistols.  While Burr won the Duel, killing Hamilton.  However, Hamilton's reputation and character showed Burr for a political hack and megalomaniac he was, ending his political career

You've got to give credit to the Clintons, Barack Obama, David Axelrod, the Emanuels, Jon Podesta and George Stephanopolous for figuring out the words that would throttle speech, stifle debate and put the opposition on the defensive with questions equivalent to "Well Mr. Smith, when DID you stop beating your wife?"  They've manipulated arguments and debates for years by accusing their rivals of racism, homophobia, white privilege, xenophobia, cruelty to the less fortunate and war crimes on the environment, all in the name of fairness toward those unwilling to expend effort in life and add to society.  

The current "Republican Right" has worried too long about the way they look in the eyes of the nation to be effective as leaders.  They are politically impotent.  These three are game changers in the same manner as the Clintons, Barack Obama, David Axelrod, the Emanuels, Jon Podesta and George Stephanopolous .

The "Outsider," Donald Trump, the "In Your Face" Ted Cruz and the "Deadly Subtle" Carly Fiorina  are the "Viagara" that has been needed by Conservatism and Libertarianism for so long.  These three have gained the advantage over Establishment/Country Club Republicans, effectively removing them from the Cat-bird Seat. 

However, the warnings that go along with Viagara also need to be heeded by politicians using political Viagara:  Blindness, Deafness and an Erection lasting Longer than 4 hours are signs that something has gone terribly wrong.

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