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Mile Post 370
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Is this a revolt? No, Sire, I fear this is a revolution."

If you don't think that America is changing, think again.  While some see hope in Donald Trump's calling for a stop of allowing (Syrian) Muslims Refugees (Men, usually single, between 18 and 45, not the women and children that Obama claims), it's already changed from what we knew and there is no going back.  There IS NOTHING WRONG with calling a stop to a process, when it is going wrong.  It's done in business all of the time.  It's even reported that Albert Einstein said that "doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity."   

Look at the following interactive graphic and you can see how immigration into the United States has changed in the past 163 years (1850-2013).

I don't mind legal immigration into the US.  The mixtures of cultures from the immigrants that came to America made it into what it is today.   However, you can only dilute any mixture to a certain point before what you are diluting becomes the minority of the total solution.

Colin Woodward's excellent book American Nations:  A History of the 11 Rival Regional Cultures of North America, explains the core beliefs of the 11 groups that originally populated the US and Canada.  In reading it, you begin to understand why people who were born in certain areas of the US have the beliefs that affect their political opinions.  While having some understanding of a groups core beliefs helps as far as recognizing that THEY WILL NEVER SEE ISSUES AS YOU SEE THEM, it doesn't help help the divisions between us that separate and divide us.

Last month, Democratic pollster, Pat Caddell spoke at the David Horowitz Freedom Center's 2015 Restoration Weekend.  In his Keynote Speech at the Opening Breakfast (, Pat said "We stand -- we have not even seen the chaos yet that is about to be unveiled.  Everything else has been almost a precursor to this.  And how it ends I do not know yet, but I want to give you the parameters of it.

We have in this country two mindsets.  Well, we have mine, and then we have the mainstream political class analysis, mainstream media, and all the people who are so upset, because nothing they believe is coming true.  They start from a premise that there are only two parties, and that nothing changes, and that it is a totally divided country, and it is a matter of inches of what happens politically.

And then there is the new reality, which is, as I've said, a country which is not just in revolt, but something greater.  I am writing a piece right now announcing our results.  And I start with the story of saying -- in 1796, I think it was. Whatever it was, when the Bastille fell -- '89, I guess. Louis XVI was in Versailles and [Nicolas], his finance minister, came to him, who was supposed to solve all the problems, and told the king about the fact that the Bastille had fallen, and Necker told him that.  And the king responded -- is this a revolt?  And Necker sighed and said -- no, Sire, I fear this is a revolution." 

Caddell was candid that "...Revolution is in the air...."  He said "...I've done some research a little bit, again, inspired by Lee and some others.  And we had found the most amazing results -- the American people don't want a cultural war.  But as I wrote in the analysis, God help the one who starts it...."

The old commercial by the Forestry Service had Smokey the Bear saying, "only you can prevent Forest Fires."  However, politicians have been only too happy to seed multiple fires, by ruling against the will of the people, hurting them economically and taking away their rights.

It only takes a spark to start a fire and in the tender box of a collapsing world economy, sparks need to be contained.  Pat Caddell is right and the Revolution is here....  As political correctness has taken over and immigrants have not been forced to assimilate and blend into the culture.  The citizens have had enough.  The question is "Will it a peaceful Revolution at the Ballot Box, or something much more permanent and even violent?" 

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