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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Response to an Unsolicited E-mail Soliciting Contributions For a Politician's Campaign

The other day, I got a campaign solicitation from one of the Republican "Outsiders" that is well positioned and has a good chance to be the "Dark Horse" candidate for the Presidency in 2016.  

It Read:

On 12/1/2015 5:23 PM, wrote:

Jake -- I just got the report from my campaign manager and your name isn't on it.

This must be a mistake.

I know times are tough, and I understand if you can't donate today...

But before I close the campaign books for Nov., I wanted to give you one last chance.

  Chip in »  

Heidi and I thank you!

For liberty,

P.S. If you did chip in and our emails crossed in cyberspace, thank you very much.

Well, firstly, I don't like "cold cash calls," where someone has gotten your name off of a list that was sold to them (Thanks Breitbart News) to be a potential donor.  Secondly, they don't know me well enough to be E-mailing me by my first name.  When you're coming to me to ask me for a contribution, you'd be wise to approach me with respect.  It's "Mr. Jones" not Jake.  And Thirdly, I'm not into 'the guilt thing.'  I've read Atlas Shrugged and it's influenced my life.  I'm not going to be manipulated like a 'wet behind the ears teenager.' I'm just past middle age and have a decent handle on life. I really don't give a damn "how things looks" from others points of view.  I'm actually pretty proud of what I do and I think that when I stand before my maker, I won't be found guilty for many of the things I've done.  The BBC Television show "Keeping Up Appearances" has helped influence me on that type of thinking.   And. finally, to use an old stereotype, neither my mother or I are Jewish, so the guilt thing doesn't work on me, even when my mother tries it.  I'll contribute to a cause I find worthy.  

So I responded, not that anybody would ever expect anyone to read this E-mail response.  But just in case someone actually reads it, I thought that I'd give a lesson in decorum and politeness:

Dear "Ted:"

No, it's not a mistake that I haven't contributed.  You see, I've been unemployed now for 14 months, but not for a lack of trying.  I apply to between 5 and 10 jobs per week.  I've tried all sorts of jobs from what my skill set; from Warehouse Stock Clerk to Truck Driver to Buyer/Sourcing Specialist to Fleet Manager.  I've had a couple of interviews, but no takers.  I'm guessing that I was too old and made too much money for what they wanted. 

And I'm not on unemployment either.  You see, when someone like me (aged 54, married with a wife, a 19 year old that's trying to move out and a 17 year old high school senior), takes part of his retirement and pays off his house, it's considered income:  More income than I generally made in a year by 1/3rd.  So I'm taxed for that (savings) income, plus penalized for an early withdrawal.  

And I'm taking a monthly "72T" distribution from what is actually left of my 401K .  It pays for the basics:  Natural Gas Bill, Electric Bill, Water/Sewer Bill, The Internet and a House phone, Car Insurance and with a little luck Groceries and an occasional tank of gasoline.

So I haven't donated to anyone.  
By the way, (and yes, I know that you got my name from Breitbart News) when "you see the report and note that my name is not on it," I understand that you're trying to "guilt trip" me into (making) a contribution.  The Psychological BS is in poor taste and really hurts, coming from "the most Conservative Senator" in the Upper House of the legislature.  I expected better than "stupid republican senatorial committee tricks" that I see when Republican Senators are on the ballot in my state.  This is what I would expect of a Washington Insider, the Establishment that governs against the will of the constituency.  It's not what I expect from someone that wants to be known as a true representative of the public instead of a lackey of the New World Order.

And while I might see you as an ideological fit, being a bombast of Newt Gingrich's level, with sublime oratorical and debating skills that only Carly Fiorina can match, this really lets me know that you've got Washington Insiders in charge of your fund raising efforts.  Can I really trust you as an outsider, if you're letting Insider types run your funding operations?  What else would you let them run, if you were elected?

So IF someone is actually reading this message "Ted," please understand this:  (to use the vaudeville stereotype) I'm not Jewish and you're not my mother.  Guilt is only effective if the party that is accused is capable of having guilty over the suggestion/accusation that you're making.  With that being said, I'm quite proud of how and upon what I spend my limited money supplyAnd the only account which I'll ever have to make about it is to my wife, my willing partner of the last 26 years and to my maker.  If you read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.  It's a major theme of Ms. Rand's book.  It's also quite the low low rent trick that most adults find quite insulting.


The story is true as are my circumstances.  I'm not asking for sympathy:  I'll get back into the work force.  My life will be O.K..

The younger crowd that's running the world today has no clue how to treat those of us who are older, that are still around them.  They've been spoiled so much, by having their every want fulfilled, that they believe that they are entitled to anything for which they "ask (Demand is a more appropriate word in this circumstance)."  

But it's far past time that the younger generations to learn to be grateful and ask, rather than manipulate others, in order to get help to achieve their goals.  Any donation or contribution, whether of money or time, is a gift.  It is proper decorum and behavior to be thankful for the Gifts you've received and to express that thankfulness to the giver, who thought enough of you to provide them for you.

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