Mile Post 370

Mile Post 370
Mile Post 370

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Advice to New Parents

Your child is beautiful child.

As a parent with 20 years of mistakes under my belt, I can offer you my best wishes, hopes and very little advice:

Love your child.  Time with them shows them that you love them.  "Gifts and toys" can't make up that difference.  Your number 1 job is to love your child.

Love his Mom. Children learn by example.  My Mom would say "little pictures have big ears."

Discipline only in love.  Never discipline them when you're angry.

Be "one" as parents.  Children will play 'Divide and Conquer' pitting one parent against another.  Never undercut his Mom and if either of you undercut the other (trust me-you will), never discuss it in front of the child.

Have a sense of humor.  Art Linkletter had a show called Kids Say The Darndest Things.  It's true.  Go with it and laugh.  EXCEPTION:  Never laugh at (bad) unacceptable behavior, no matter how funny it is (actions speak louder than words and laughter is an action that signals acceptance/approval).

Kids need boundaries.  Set rules and be consistent and constant.

Enjoy the adventure.  You're now a parent, so relax and look for the good.
Help him find himself.  Your child will naturally have talents that can transfer to a vocation.  Help and encourage him to find a place in the world that uses his natural talents in his future.

I hope these thoughts encourage you.  This is a stage of life that you "never get through" - ONCE A PARENT, FOREVER A PARENT.  You always want the best for them.  But remember, your "best wishes" for their lives probably won't be their best wishes (hopes and dreams).  Don't "impose" your will or wishes on them.

Find a true friend who is a parent and ask them for advice or just to listen, when you need to vent.

If I could do this (and I NEVER wanted the responsibility of being a parent), you can do this (probably with greater success than I've had).  They will change your life - for the better.

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