Mile Post 370

Mile Post 370
Mile Post 370

Friday, June 30, 2017

GEZROKET Update: Finally, Brakes Again!

So, the GEZROKET sat for about a month, due to brake issues and my lack of time to repair and diagnose the secondary brake problem that happened at the same time.

I took the GEZROKET to the shop (via an AAA certified Rollback - the Membership is worth every penny!) to get the brake line repaired.  My Engineer friend Michael had correctly diagnosed the secondary problem as a brake line having a hole in it.  

Here is the autopsy:  Stainback Automotive filled the brake fluid reservoir and put the car on the lift to see from where the brake fluid was dripping.  Seeing they the brake fluid was dripping out from behind a heat shield in front of the passenger side of the firewall, they (Jeff and Johnny) removed the heat shield to find that  a bracket had failed and rubbed a hole in the brake line.  

Jeff called this to propose that we cut out the failed piece and replace it.  I OKed the proposed repair and Johnny proceeded to cut out a section of the line where the double flares would be outside of the heat shield.  Then he removed the offending failed bracket, cutting it off and smoothing the area, where it wouldn't rub the through again.   Double Flaring the ends of the remaining factory brake line to the curb side rear brake drum, Johnny then bent a new line to replace the piece he cut out and double flared the replacement line.   He then split a piece of vacuum hose to isolate the new line from vibration inside of the heat shield and against the firewall.  He installed the new line, tightening the double flare fittings and filled the system with brake fluid to ensure no fluid leaks.  Then the brakes were bled of air and the line was visually checked for leaks again.  Finally, the heat shield was reinstalled.  

The brake pedal still feels somewhat Spongy (I forgot to ask Jeff and Johnny to Bench Bleed the Master Cylinder -doh!), but I'll bleed them again and we should be back to normal.

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